Tuesday’s Shoes

After dinking around with a Dillard’s gift card that didn’t work out, Jerry wound up giving me $100.00 for Christmas, and I knew right away what I would buy with those sweet dollars; new dress boots. Rebecca and I went shopping the Monday after Christmas, and at Nordstrom’s Rack she found a perfect pair of boots for herself. I? Nothing. Well, nothing in the line of boots, but at Hobby Lobby where all Christmas items were reduced by 80%, I garnered quite a collection of items until finally I was pushing about a heaped up shopping cart.

A couple of days ago, I was feeling the urge to get out and find my boots, thinking of the after Christmas sales that would be slipping away and such as that, so on Tuesday in our trusty white Jeep I headed down the hill with DSW in Redlands in mind. By email they had sent me a $10.00 credit, and I’ve had luck finding what I needed there before.

I had the clearance rack in mind so I headed toward the back of the store where it is situated, choosing on my way to walk down the aisle where the boots are displayed. I stopped to peer at a couple of styles that interested me, keeping them in mind as I pointed my size 7s toward the bargain area.

No doubt I have blogged before about scripture that indicates women are to look well to their households, to be wise in the “doings” of their homes . . .that sort of thing, and since I am a follower of Jesus, when I’m out shopping and great bargains find their way within the reach of my searching hands, I seem to always recall that portion of scripture. Tuesday was no exception.

20150107-untitled (2 of 5)

20150107-untitled (1 of 5)These black boots are exactly what I had in mind. Perfect sized heel. Fine leather.20150107-untitled (4 of 5)These brown boots are soft and buttery, and although I had not planned to buy more than one pair, just take a look at that color. Gorgeous.  20150107-untitled (5 of 5)And then I spied this adorable little number that I will wear in the heat of summer.20150107-untitled (3 of 5)Five pairs! All from the clearance rack where each pair was marked down 30 to 40% off the original clearance price. Would you not think that God was directing me in this situation? Tell me now. 20150107-untitled (1 of 1)As I left the store, two large bags swinging from my hands, I clutched the receipt that proved how much I had saved my sweet hubby. He would be so grateful, I felt sure.

I had to run by Rebecca’s before I started home, and as I drove to her place, I considered taking all my shoes in to show her. “Kind of silly and childlike,” I argued with myself. Childlike won. I wagged in the two bags and we sat in her living room, rubbed our hands over the smooth leather and the fuzzy parts, and laughed together.

You may be wondering about the hundred dollar bill. Actually what happened is that it was not quite enough to purchase the five pairs of shoes, even though they were all from the clearance rack, so I used my debit card. Convenient little thing. The big bill? Still in my wallet. Should I offer it back?

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Broken Easter Shoes

Broken Easter Shoes, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I was late for yesterday’s Easter morning church service.

I bought these shoes last year, and I thought they looked cute enough with the clothes I selected to wear to service yesterday. They’re not terribly expensive shoes, although I don’t recall exactly what I paid for them. The upper part is of Italian leather, and it beats me what the rest of the stuff is. The label calls it man made material Well, some man messed up.

A half hour or so before the service was scheduled to begin, I walked into the church, and as I did, I had a strange feeling somewhere around my right foot. I stopped, tipped down my head to get a good look at the place where something peculiar seemed to be happening, and saw that my shoe had broken sharply in half.

What to do? Mike giggled as we both looked at the shoe. There was no way to repair the thing.

“Guess I can walk around barefoot.”

Mike was grinning. “Well…Mom.”

The problem was I had to go to a hotel yet and pick up my brother who was visiting and if I took the time to go back to the motor home for another pair of shoes I would be late for church.

Guess I could walk around barefoot, I thought again. You know our church is little and a bit on the casual side seeing this is Lake Havasu and it’s starting to get quite warm, and sometimes people even come in shorts…I was thinking all this, but then I had a little vision of exactly how it would look for the pastor’s wife to be traipsing around barefoot on Easter Sunday morning.

“I’m going home for shoes. Probably be late,” I told Mike and Jerry.

I was late. Several people grinned as I came in, I did a bit of greeting here and there and walked across the floor to the keyboard.

Easter morning service could begin. I was there. 🙂


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