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God’s Ordinary Extraordinary People

There are some wonderful people in this world. One of them is Lisa, who for several months now–at her own expense–has, almost every Sunday, flown from San Jose to San Diego to be in service with Andrew at his church, and to take care of all n1448440305_9123the music. I’m not exactly sure of everything she does, but I know she works with the praise singers, teaches new songs, gives piano lessons and plays the keyboard for the worship service. Flies down Sunday morning, and back home Sunday evening. Is that not the most unselfish, awesome thing.

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had occasion to think of people who work so hard for God, and who often get little recognition. Now I understand that when we sincerely work for God it is not to gather the applause of men, nor to have our names blazed across newspapers or scribed on magazine covers or beamed over the internet. But I don’t think it hurts to consider those who on a consistent basis live sacrificial lives that serve to propagate the Gospel…and to benefit mankind in general.

I’ve learned of a little known preacher, who will probably never grace the platform of a general conference, nor is one who flies cross-country on a regular basis, nor one who is likely to preach at his district camp meeting, who in the past few days was directly led by God to minister to another pastor and to another church. As he prayed in his own church, God spoke to him: “Go to ___________.” The service was in progress at the church where the minister was directed to go, and that frustrated pastor strongly felt to wait–just wait. Do nothing. He waited in silence, the entire congregation merely sitting still. Then the auditorium door opened and the first minister walked in…and ministered to the pastor and to the entire congregation.

Their names may never be known, their deeds little published, but God has a mighty arsenal of ordinary, extraordinary people. Thank you.