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Today’s Dash of Wisdom

Two things that will give you peace.

1. Saying: I don’t know.

………..Sometimes we take more on ourselves than is necessary. We are not required to have answers for everything, nor is there need to make excuses for not knowing, nor reason to stretch out the responsibility . . as in, “I’ll find out and tell you tomorrow.”

2. Absolutely, with no reservations, forgive someone.

…………..They wronged you. It was ugly, mean, ungodly, despicable. You are deeply hurt and furious. Forgive them. Merely saying the words doesn’t count. I mean, FORGIVE THEM. Hug them, invite them to lunch, tell someone of their good qualities, in prayer weep over them.

Do these two things today. You will feel better. Promise.

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Sunset Over My Mountains

Jerry and I eat many of our meals on our back deck during these splendid summer days. Yesterday as we did so, we heard very loud thunder and saw thin lightening streaks. Ten drops of rain. Today, our forecast called for a significant chance of rain. Nothing. The skies have been filled with towering thunderheads, and many of the communities around are receiving showers.

Toward evening as I sat on a living room couch, I raised my eyes, looked out the sliding glass door and saw this scene. I picked up my camera, walked to the front deck and snapped. What a beautiful world we inhabit. It’s as though up in Heaven, God mixed all this paint together and dumped it down for us to see. 🙂


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Coyotes in Crestline

My beloved Crestline, CA. lies within the San Bernardino National Forest, and within its ranging miles are many varieties of wildlife. Among other species, the area abounds with bear, raccoons, deer, coyotes, numerous birds and a few mountain lions. I’ve never seen a deer in our area, nor a cat or bear, although I’m assured they are all around us.

“Experts say there are 4,000 to 6,000 mountains lions in the wild of California.”

Daisy Nguyen of AP

I have seen many birds, several raccoons and lots of coyotes.

We don’t really worry about the youngsters playing outside, for attacks from these animals are rare, and as I said, we seldom see any of the large animals–excepting for the coyotes, which come by frequently. I’ve tried to get good pictures of them, but until last week, failed at that.

Then on one of the snowy Christmas days, I glanced from our living room to catch this view: fortunately I had camera in hand, and snapped a picture of this beautiful animal.


I went then to the dining room and through that window snagged a great shot.


Isn’t he (she?) beautiful.

One more shot.


P. S. After reading Lorraine Bertram’s thoughtful response, I found these helpful instructions:

If a coyote approaches you:
Be as Big, Mean, and Loud as possible
-Wave your arms and throw objects at the coyote
-Shout in a deep, loud and authoritative voice
-DO NOT RUN or turn your back on the coyote
-Face the coyote and back away slowly
-If attacked, fight back with your fists and feet

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117 in Lake Havasu Today

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In a good natured way, Jerry says, “None of the preachers in Lake Havasu preach against hell.”

Quizzically, people wait for him to answer the obvious question: “Why?”

“Because they’re not afraid of it,” he finishes with a grin.

It’s a bit after 5:00 in the evening this Saturday. The temperature is 116. Actually we’re having a heat wave all over the west. In our beautiful, generally cool Crestline which sets at 5000 feet in San Bernardino mountains, the high yesterday was 93.

Hope it’s cool where you are.