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Grocery Shopping in the San Bernardino Mountains

Perhaps to excess so that others find my conversation boring do I speak glowingly of  living here in the San Bernardino mountains, and of how blessed of God do I feel to call this place my home.. “I need to work for the Crestline Chamber of Commerce,” more than once I have half-teasingly said to someone.

My routine trip to the grocery store yesterday reinforced this notion.

The parking lot at Stater Brothers was cramped. On the far corner as I drove about looking for an available spot, I spied this view. Its beauty is rare, yet in one sense, it is common to me, for during routine grocery shopping errands, I see this. How can I not feel blessed?

I’ve never clocked it, but I think I travel between six and eight miles to the grocery store in Lake Arrowhead. (A locally-owned super market is in Crestline where I also shop, but prices, quality and selection are much better at Staters, so for a larger amount of groceries, I go there.) Often on these trips I travel the “backway,” which takes me through Blue Jay and a couple of other little communities. Yesterday, I chose to travel home by way of Highway 18 which–with good reason–is dubbed The Rim of the World Highway.

Spread before me as I pulled into one of the picnic areas off the highway were these scenes.

Perhaps I am peculiar, but I found the sight of that large, freshly fallen pine cone appealing. I’m glad I left it for someone else to admire, but if my grandkids come back before the snow falls, I want to take them to gather pine cones. (Four-year-old Ella calls them pineapples. 🙂  ) Thousands lie about.