Paradise, Well Almost

It was night and cold when we arrived at our Crestline home last Sunday for the beginning of a two-week “Sabbatical,” made possible in large part by the personal sacrifice of one of our three sons (and his dear family), and by the strong encouragement of another son. It has been a wonderful few days, with just a few things keeping me from declaring the situation as perfect as can expected on this earth. One slight fly in the apothecary is the lack of internet service at our home which of course hinders my posting and reading of material through that medium.

Today, though, I sit before a massive stone fireplace in the stunning lounge of the Lake Arrowhead Resort where wireless internet service is readily available, and where I can catch up a little and share a few pictures with you of the beautiful life here in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. The picture below shows our view yesterday as we ate breakfast in the dining room here at the lodge.

Our apple tree is a full bloom and is a stunning sight. More pictures are on Flickr.

Monday was a magnificent day and as we walked part of the trail around our lovely alpine lake named Gregory, we chanced on a gentleman who had been part of our church when we pastored in Rialto.

“There’s Richard,” Jerry said as I stepped from the car as we were parking.


“Right there.”

I turned, saw him, and spoke, “Why, hi, Richard.”

He had come to fish, and in his inimitable way, he held forth awhile about the winning ways of snagging trout in cold mountain water.

Later…as Jerry and I sat in our living room, we spoke of Richard, and of his life style.

“He was a blessing to us at our church,” I reminded Jerry.

“Yes. Yes, he was,” Jerry a little reluctantly agreed. I understood his hesitance for I know Richard well…and certainly does Jerry.

For years he carefully and faithfully ensured that the multitude of doors to our sanctuary and to the educational units and to the offices were closed and securely locked.

He had called to me as I started down the trail. “Left you some lemons, Sister Buxton. Left them by your car.”

Thank you Richard…for the lemons…the other good things you have done… for locking the church all those many years. May you be blessed.