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Life’s Amazing Continuum

Mirrored Robin Eggs, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Amazingly, I had chanced on the opportunity to watch from the beginning this life process. A beginning, you understand, not The beginning. Then again, as I consider the preceding sentence, was it at all a genesis…was it a beginning or merely a link in this great continuum? This continuum called life. Life with a capital L.

Uhm, my mind clicks, well surely it was the beginning of the fledglings who soon will be cheeping there, but no, intellectual and faith-based honesty decry their germ to be ancient. Their root is Eden.

Inside our study, I sat before the slider that opens to our deck and watched as she flew to us, perching among the rigid supports inside the large canvas umbrella that shades the table. As though gauging the suitability, she looked about, then in a flicker was gone.

Despite hindrances, which I wrote about here, within a day, she had built a nest. (More pictures in this link.)
Of robins and their nesting habits, I read a little, learning that a bird’s nest expert is known as an oologist. The prospective mama lays one egg daily, with a total of two to four eggs each season. She lays them around noon and does not continuously set on the nest until all the eggs are laid…leaving the first eggs cold, so that all the babies will hatch close to the same time.
Sure enough, for hours she would disappear, then return, and a couple of times I think I saw Papa, who also sets on the nest to give Mama an occasional break.
Handsome dude, isn’t he?
On Friday, we had to leave Crestline and the drama that by the day was unfolding. My curiosity was boundless, and I knew I couldn’t probe around the nest or the parents would be disturbed, but I just had to see if there were eggs in that nest. So sweet Jerry climbed on a stool and held up a mirror so I could see the twin blue eggs that rested there.
A couple of hundred miles from where I am this morning, on our back deck in Crestline, life’s spectacular continuum broods. We’ll be going back in a couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to be there in time for a glimpse of a hungry nestling. For before he flutters away, before destiny whirls him on his long voyage, I want one last look.
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