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On Video, President Clinton Caught Napping in Church

I can’t help myself. I tried to resist, but I just cannot help myself. You must see this.

Video taken in Harlem’s Convent Avenue Baptist Church. Link and picture from New York Post.

Check out this video, where you will see poor, exhausted Bill trying valiantly, albeit unsuccessfully, to stay awake during this speech in honor of Martin Luther King. I then invite you back for a little friendly talk which will include a personal confession where I will try to redeem myself from being so mean as to boost the showing around the world of this raw moment.

Post video discussion and confession:

1. I have sat on a platform, listening to a speaker, and fought as valiantly as did Bill against sleeping, and lost the fight as surely and sadly as he did. I have been so sleepy, and tried so hard to stay awake, that I felt absolutely cross-eyed.

2. I don’t believe I have ever been so videoed.

3. Campaigning for the Presidency of the United States must be one of the most exhausting jobs in the world.

4. A time or two as I have addressed an audience, I have observed someone with the same glazed, helpless eyes as had Bill. Didn’t do too much for my ego.
5. I don’t believe I ever heard snoring from any in my audience. To be honest, though, I can’t guarantee it hasn’t happened.

6. A story from Western Apostolic Bible College (now Christian Life College) in Stockton, CA. will end this nonsense. (I have seen no documentation of this story, but have heard it told many times, and believe it to be 🙂 true.)

This took place many years ago in the middle of one of Pastor Haney’s sermons. Pastor Haney was also the college president, and sitting on the platform with other ministers and students was his son, Kenneth. At a quiet moment during the sermon’s delivery, Kenneth tapped on the shoulder a fellow-student who had succumbed to slumber as did Bill Clinton. Urgently, he whispered to the sleeper, “Dad wants you to stand and dismiss the service.”

Struggling and groggy, but faithful to the call, the student rose to his feet and in a loud and righteous voice, began a beautiful prayer of dismissal.

(If either President Clinton or Rev. Kenneth Haney chances by today…please forgive me. I told you in the beginning I just cannot help myself today.)


My devotional blog is here. (Afraid I really need it!)