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To Confess or Not

In some way the senior pastor of 800-member Elim church learned that Calvin Inman, his newly ordained youth minister, had many years ago killed a person. After many weeks of talking with the young man, Ron Nissen persuaded him to admit his crime. On Saturday, Calvin Inman was charged with capital murder and locked in jail.

More of the story here.

There will be those who say Rev. Inman should not have revealed himself, but merely have continued his good life, for surely He had repented to God. Others, of course, will say he did the right thing by confessing this terrible deed.

What do you think? After many years have gone by, is it necessary to confess everything a person has done wrong? What about the grief such revelation brings to family, friends and the church? In this case, restitution was not possible, for life could not be restored. I’m of the opinion that he probably should have confessed, but understand the terrible ramifications such words would cause.


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