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Sterling Silver at 16 and at 69

Classic Rose Sterling, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I was thumbing through old flatware at the Hospice Thrift Store on McCulloch in Lake Havasu when I found this piece, a dinner knife marked sterling silver. It was priced at 25 cents, and my heart jumped in recognition when I spied it, for I recalled that such a piece had been a gift when, in 1955, I graduated from high school. I was then 16 years old. I am now 69.

The design is identified as Classic Rose, it is a Reed and Barton piece and the pattern has been discontinued. My gift was a spoon, given by a store in Hopkinsville, Ky…wish I could recall the name of the store, but I do not. The store owners were gracious to all graduating seniors in the area and extended an invitation to come in and choose and register a silver pattern. A spoon in the chosen pattern was their graduation gift to us. I selected this one– Classic Rose, but sad to say, I do not have the spoon, and have no idea where and when it went astray.

Tonight, I googled Classic Rose Reed and Barton Sterling Silver and found lots of product for sale, although I didn’t see a dinner knife offered. Here, though, is a salad fork that is available for $50.00.

I don’t believe I will sell my knife, but will keep it around to remind me of the day when I was 16 years old and walked into a jewelry store to select a sterling silver spoon. was a pretty good move I made last week, wouldn’t you say, when at 69, I walked into a thrift store and for 25 cents bought a sterling silver knife.

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