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“I’m Scared,” Says Monster Josef Fritzl at his trial

His trial began today. Nearly a year ago the discovery was made of the hideous life that Elizabeth Fritzl and her children had endured in the cave of a 0316090750_m_031609_fritzl03basement where for 24 years she had been imprisoned by her father, Josef Fritzl. “I’m scared,” he whimpered as his trial began. He covered his face with a blue folder.

His voice was almost inaudible as in the courtroom of St. Poelten, Austria he stated his name and other personal facts. He pled guilty to incest, but innocent of enslavement and murder. Neither his wife, Elizabeth nor any of the children will attend the trial. Their testimony will be given by pre-recorded video.

DNA tests have corroborated Elizabeth’s story that her father sired her six surviving children. She actually gave birth in that dungeon–alone–to seven children, but one of a set of twins suffered breathing problems and was allowed to die in that dank place. Fritzl is accused of tossing his tiny body into the furnace.

During the early months of her imprisonment Elizabeth was chained like an animal; for years Josef did not say one word to her. Once he cut off 0316090750_m_031609_fritzl01the electricity to the dungeon. After the children were born, he raped her as they were forced to watch.

His trial will take only one week, ending on Friday. There is no question: He will spend the rest of his despicable life in prison.

Since I learned of this horrendous story, I have prayed for Elizabeth and her children, and have written extensively of it. A video is here which comprehensively lays out this chilling story. Let us continue to pray for these hurting people.

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Sex-slave Elizabeth Fritzl Speaks Against Her Father

March 16, 2009 BREAKING NEWS: Josef Fritzl at trial.

For the first time, 42-year-old Elizabeth Fritzl has spoken about her 26 years as a sex-slave to her father. She was imprisoned in the cellar of her family’s home in Austria, where, during that time she bore seven children to her father.

I have written extensively about this family and of their ordeal, for it has deeply touched me. A few weeks ago, I wrote this:

I can’t think of a situation in all the world that has startled and touched me at such depth of heart and soul as has that of the Fritzl family. I wrote of this several times, as the world reeled on learning of the horror and depravity this Austrian family suffered at the hand of their father/grandfather. It is too distressing to repeat: if you are not familiar with the story, please read, and see a comprehensive video at this link.

I continue to pray for them, that God will heal their hearts and minds. Now, Elizabeth herself has spoken about her terrifying years in the dungeon.

Elisabeth Fritzl has spoken for the first time about the horrors she and her children were forced to endure while imprisoned by their father in a cellar under the family home in Austria.

The 42-year-old was kept prisoner by Josef Fritzl for almost a quarter of a century, during which time she bore him seven children.

Finally freed from her dungeon in April, Elisabeth has told the judge investigating the case that she was raped up to three times a week by her father and if she tried to resist, her children suffered.

She also alleged that Mr Fritzl threatened to leave her and the children to die in the cellar if they did not follow his commands.

More recent developments here on Times Online.


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