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The Superior Tomato

Is the produce homegrown or store-bought? Tell the truth I usually can’t tell much difference, and if someone should test me, I honestly don’t believe I could identify the homegrown veggie. Except for one! The tomato. I assure you homegrown tomatoes are vastly superior to their market counterparts, and I don’t believe I have ever met anyone who disagreed with me. Zucchini, yellow squash, a green onion, an ear of corn, or a cantaloupe, whether purchased from a market or picked from someone’s garden, taste much the same to me. I confess that I am no expert and fully recognize there may be more differences than I am aware. But tomatoes! Easily recognized is the vast difference between mass produced orbs and those that come from a carefully tended backyard plot!

Rebecca has a garden. Last week she gave us ripe, succulent homegrown tomatoes. I tell you the taste and texture of such a piece of fruit extensively surpasses that of the hard, cardboard-like pieces found in grocery stores.

Today I sliced a couple, salted them generously, and before I lifted a fork to my mouth I snapped a couple of pictures for you to admire.

Hope you’re as blessed as I, and have either your own plants in the backyard or a friend or two who will share their summer bounty with you. Grab a salt shaker and indulge.