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Salute to President George W. Bush


While it cannot be proved (or disproved) that since 9/11 President George W. Bush has flawlessly performed his prime job–that of keeping America’s peoples safe–I believe most honest and well-intentioned people, no matter their political leanings, will agree that indeed he has done just that. Some may say, instead, that our country’s being free of terrorist attack since that gruesome day, has nothing or little to do with the leadership of President Bush. On that dreadful morning, though, it is doubtful whether anyone would have envisioned our next seven years in America as being clear of additional such attacks.

For this protection, I thank President Bush.

President Bush is the epitome of grace and class. He is a man who has chosen to rise above the fray of philistine and boorish name-calling that has been such a cankerous mark on his tenure in office. He has little defended himself. He has admitted to imperfection and to having made mistakes. He has the rare ability to laugh at himself, and more importantly to cling fiercely to his beliefs, even when doing so is not popular or conventional.

History will draw a full and lively drawing of our 43rd President–an accurate rendition of George W. Bush–whose presidency encompassed some of the greatest challenges of the modern world. It will doubtless be a different picture than that projected on screens, newspapers and magazines across the globe today.

Thank you, President Bush. I wish you well.