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Prayer for Milo

Is it sacrilegious to pray for the healing of an animal? Is it disrespectful to God?


While I don’t at all equate animals with humans, and while I see no evidence in God’s Word that animals have an eternal soul, as do people, God did create everything that is living, and I suspect he has an interest in His beings. After all He is aware of every sparrow that falls. I know He loves Chloe and her little puppy Milo who is very sick. Milo has parvo, is being treated by a veterinarian, but his situation is quite serious. If you don’t find it irreverent or disrespectful, would you say a little prayer this morning for Milo.

Update 9:30 Sunday:

Weeping in the Buxton homes. Milo has died. Chloe is devastated.