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What a Wonderful World

This world in which we live is a wondrous place, spinning perfectly in space, surrounded by untold billions of stars, and created gloriously by God Himself. Though one day disturbed and twisted by evil intrusion, the earth remains a wonderful place, and, on this early morning, as I consider again the wild chance of my being born, I’m thinking how grateful I am that God gave me life, and has allowed me a short journey on this magnificent planet.

It’s a wonderful world. Thousands of reasons speak to its wonder, but I’m choosing four.


Last week, I heard of a young minister who was highly offended by an action taken against him and against his church. From the details I have heard, his disappointment and hurt were well-founded, yet he recognized his response to these actions had in themselves been ungodly and unchristian. He called together his family and repented. Before his very large church, he repented. To the person who had offended him, he repented.


A pastor in the northwestern part of the United States annually conducts a conference in his home church. This is a private meeting, not underwritten by any organization, but he invites other ministers and their congregations. Several hundred people attend. One of the goals of the meeting is to promote his church, hoping such an activitiy will entice new people from the city to his church.

At the conclusion of the last such meeting, he gathered the names of all the new people who had visited, and divided them among other pastors who had churches in the area.


I know someone who in the last few days has sold his business to Microsoft for 115 million dollars.


I had a “root-canal” on Wednesday. The dentist prescribed Vicodin for the pain she suspected I might have. I had NO pain…didn’t take so much as an aspirin.