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Jerry’s Happy Birthday

Today is Jerry’s birthday and he’s already had one great birthday party. Last Sunday we drove to our Crestline home, and on Tuesday, Rebecca put together a lovely dinner, complete with party hats and noise-makers. The best part though were the people. Our dear friends the Patrick Garretts joined for the celebration, as did Sherry.  Patrick cooked a couple of mean Tri-Tip roasts, and Rebecca made all the side dishes.

The three boys were definitely into the party mode.

The grand finale was a choice between carrot cake and sour-cream apple pie; Jerry chose the pie, his favorite kind.

Today is actually Jerry’s birthday…and at 6:00 we’ll be off to Mike and Mel’s where they are preparing a Cajun Boil to celebrate. I’ll let you know how it all develops.

In the meantime, happy birthday to my sweet hubby.

You might enjoy reading a little of Jerry’s history that I wrote on his birthday post last year.