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Respect For The Fallen in Battle

A few days ago Jerry and I were talking about military service and he related how worried his father was during the second world war because of his sons who were overseas fighting for our country.

“He would sit and stare into space, working his jaw, silent and distressed ” Jerry told me. “He was proud of them, but he worried.” But because of the mercy of God and the throw of fortune, all the sons of William Buxton came home unscathed.

Not every parent is so blessed, for many sons give their lives for their country. Most parents, though unspeakably grieved, are proud of such children. Among them are Robin and Michael Read. But now, the Read family is suing.

It seems that Dan Frazier, without their permission, has printed their son’s name on anti-war shirts he is selling online. They are furious and are contending that Dan Frazier of Flagstaff has no right to profit from commercial sale of products that use the dead soldiers’ names without permission.

The shirts read: Bush lied, they died, and Frazier claims the 1st amendment gives him this free speech protection. Frazier’s attorney, Lee Phillips, says this project is clearly political protection, and is “not done for profit.”

PHOENIX — A Tennessee couple who lost their son in Iraq want an Arizona merchant to pay more than $40 billion in damages to survivors of soldiers whose names are on the anti-war shirts he is selling online.

Our military is comprised of volunteers, so of his own free will, the son of Michael and Robin Read prepared himself for battle. Knowing this, it seems of flagrant disrespect that this fallen soldier’s name would be used on anti-war tee-shirts.


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