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A Walk-About in Safford

Summer road trip. Day 19 Monday, June 20, 2011

A rather quiet day here. I took a walk this morning and snapped a few pictures along the way. Jerry and Brother Keyes played 9 holes this afternoon, and when Jerry came in the motor home, he was moaning. Hasn’t played in a long time, and he was already getting sore. Not quite 9:00, and he’s already in bed. 🙂

The streets around here are lined with small cottages and well-established gardens. Stunning flowers were blooming everywhere.

I was intrigued by this scene and couldn’t make up my mind whether the jeans were hanging for “decoration” or whether they were out to dry. I walked over there later, and they were gone. Guess someone’s wearing them now.

I peered about, but although the okra sign was hanging, I saw no sign of a garden.

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