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Ethanol, Anyone? How About Nuclear?

One motorist who has noticed the effect that ethanol has on mileage is Cleo Campbell of Stewartsville, Mo. “I’ve been driving a long time,” he said, “and I know what I normally get, and I don’t get that now.”

In the post following this one, which I wrote yesterday, I discussed the escalating price of gasoline, and in a discussion with Jay in the comments that followed, we talked about the subject of drilling and other facets of the issue. Yesterday–must have been around the same time I was writing this column–Mervi made pertinent comments about both ethanol and nuclear energy.

Ethanol is an alternative fuel, that for a period of time was seen as quite promising. Its use does result in less pollution. Now, though, its glitter seems to have faded, for it actually is no cheaper in the long run than is using gasoline. More quantity is required, and at today’s cost, actually adds $200.00 yearly to fuel cost.

Then there is the shortage of food problem.

Corn is used to produce ethanol, and it is estimated that this year 139 million tons of corn will be used for that purpose. Because of the high cost of diesel fuel, truckers are now striking; this of course will add to the cost of food and other products.
I’m of the thought that we must continue our research into renewable fuel sources, and that we must push past the objections of environmental extremists and utilize our own natural resources. As I stated in my comments to Jay, I believe America would be a safer place if we weren’t so dependent on Mid-Eastern oil.
For a long time, I was terrified when I heard raised the subject of nuclear energy. But recently as I have read more, I have come to understand that nuclear energy may indeed be a viable consideration, and actually is thought to be quite safe.
The famous bottom line forces us to consider:
** The world is demanding more oil than is available, thus its price increase.
** The “work-arounds” include:
Drive less
Manufacturers produce more fuel-efficient cars
Drive vehicles which use less fuel
Find alternate fuels
Supply our own oil
I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.
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