Lake Havasu

A Day With Friends

They had been saying they wanted to come visit us, so when Gary Hogan called a few days ago saying they would arrive in Lake Havasu on Thursday, we weren’t surprised. Before we met up, though, they had dinner with another minister in town, and checked into one of the local hotels for the night. On Friday morning we met for breakfast at Makai’s. We had wanted to eat in the outside patio area, but already it was very hot, so we elected to eat inside.

It was the beginning of a relaxing day with our dear friends Gary and Elaine Hogan, who pastor a great church in Phoenix. (Only eight months ago, they completed the construction on a new, beautiful sanctuary.) Gary Hogan is the superintendent of the Arizona district of the United Pentecostal Church, and  he is doing an exceptional job as he leads this district into an elevated place of effectiveness and caring ministry. It is a state where the ministers are united and focused. A dear and precious place.

Most of the day we just talked; spoke of our families, of God, of His work and our involvement in it, of travel, and humor and food. We spent hours in Hastings Book Store over Frapps, Smoothies and Dr. Pepper. We drove about our beautiful city, did a couple of church errands, and sat in our cool sanctuary for a bit. In mid-afternoon, we took them to their hotel. In our motor home Jerry and I took a short nap, learning later that our friends did the same.

A little before six we picked them up at their hotel, and went to the bridge area where we caught the ferry, crossing the lake to a restaurant on the California side where we ate dinner. As we lingered at the table, we began to see lights flickering on in distant Lake Havasu; the beautiful town stretched along the shores of the glistening water and rising into the gentle hills beyond.

“Look, there’s the moon,” Elaine said, but when I looked I couldn’t see it.


“That round ball. Isn’t that the moon?”

Finally I saw it, barely pushing above the horizon, huge and dim at first, then rising quickly into the clear sky. Brilliant. Full. Spectacular.

We prowled about the grounds a bit, then the ferry was there, and we headed to board. Just then I saw this stunning scene, and as the others walked onto the boat, I stopped and snapped this photograph.

One last stop: Ice cream!