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Yesterday, as with a wooden spoon I was pulling a very hot food from a heavy pan, the spoon broke in half and over three of my fingers spread and stuck the hot substance, causing 2nd degree burns on my hand. (A nurse was there and diagnosed the degree of burn.) I’m beginning this New Year by being thankful that I have experienced virtually no pain.

Immediately after the accident, I thrust my hand under running cold water, and when the food had dissolved and was no longer sticking to my hand I dried it and a friend sprayed my hand with a cooling, antiseptic medicine. A couple hours later she spread on a healing cream and applied a large gauze bandage. I felt no pain.

Today I have large blisters over the three fingers that were burned, but I have no pain. I’m thankful.

I give credit to God for sparing me the agony that usually accompanies such a burn…Neat way to start a New Year, a New Decade. And for all my friends who read here, I wish you a delightful, cheery, healthy, safe, prosperous 2010.