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Stephen Hawking Speaks in Honor of Nasa’s 50th Anniversary

In his lecture yesterday, in which he spoke to the probability of life in other worlds, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking held forth on extra-terresstrial life, saying, “Primitive life is very common and intelligent life is fairly rare.” Then in a light and (perhaps) joking moment, he added, “Some would say it has yet to occur on earth.”

I greatly admire Stephen Hawking and have written of him often. He is a brilliant 66 year old British cosmologist who suffers from ASL and who speaks through a mechanical device. Hawking’s comments on Monday were part of a lecture at George Washington University.

So should you worry about aliens? he continued. He concluded that alien abduction claims come from “weirdos” and are unlikely. He is a strong proponent of the colonization of the moon, and of other planet exploration, especially that of Mars.

Again, I honor Stephen Hawking, who despite incredible physical limitations, continues to make great scientific contributions to our world. By honoring Mr. Hawking, my intent is also to honor all those, who despite considerable limitations, live productive lives and contribute to the wellness of our society.


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Stephen Hawking to Lecture at George Washington University

A man of the world I greatly admire, and about whom I have written here, here, and here will be lecturing on April 21 at the George Washington University. Attendance is by invitation only. Any of you in the D. C. area who may be so fortunate as to receive an invitation, please come by here and tell us of the experience. It seems the lecture may be available through live-streaming. (Get the link at this NASA site. The style of my blog doesn’t permit the full page to show here. Sorry.)

NASA Lecture Series - Dr. Stephen Hawking

Edit: April 22        Report on his April 21st lecture here.

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Impossible: My SUV Can Affect This Violent Universe

 AP/NRAO, Bill Saxton

An artist’s impression of Smith’s Cloud as it approaches our own Milky Way Galaxy, which it will hit in approximately 40 million years. Credit to AP

WASHINGTON — The deeper astronomers gaze into the cosmos, the more they find it’s a bizarre and violent universe.

The research findings from this week’s annual meeting of U.S. astronomers range from blue orphaned baby stars to menacing “rogue” black holes that roam our galaxy, devouring any planets unlucky enough to be within their limited reach.

“It’s an odd universe we live in,” said Vanderbilt University astronomer Kelly Holley-Bockelmann.

This is the glory of the universe,” added J. Craig Wheeler, president of the astronomy association. “What is odd and what is normal is changing.”

More here.

How is it possible to think my driving an SUV, or you flying a plane, could affect in any perceptible way the global tension within our universe?…and how in the world (or out of the world) did this become a political issue? Beats me!

Young star HD 61005, dubbed ‘The Moth,’ whose shape is produced by starlight scattering off dust.


My devotional blog is here.