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Reasons to Vote Yes For McCain–No For Obama.

McCain Palin for President

The scheduling and consummation of a plan of mine has been changed because of a comment I just received here: Jean’s remarks are directly in line with a strategy I had measured for my site.

I am setting up this column, will leave it up for an interval, and from time to time between now and November 4th, will place it again as the front page. I want to hear from every one of you who will be voting for Senator McCain and who thus will be voting against Senator Obama. I had planned to initiate the column by stating one of my reasons for voting in this way, but now will let it roll with Jean’s remarks which I have brought over from the column where she actually posted.

Let’s hear every plausible argument. Let them be sensible, documented, well-worded, and non-hateful. Refrain from name calling. Do not worry that someone may call you unchristian or racist (unless indeed you are, and if racist remarks are posted, I will remove them.) If you want to remind us that McCain’s fiscal plan will benefit our economy and that Obama’s will damage our economy, cite your unbiased source. You may bring an entire statement over if it’s not too long. Be sure you clearly state your source and authority. If you cite a video, please give us a link.

There is a lawsuit pending concerning Obama’s birthplace. If you want to discuss that, name your source. I would consider that credible to discuss, since it is more than an internet rumor: a lawsuit has been filed.

Important Note: No negative remarks concerning Senator McCain or his ticket will be allowed. Likewise no positive remarks will be considered for Senator Obama. There are places for such discussion–even on my blog, but this column is not one of those. If they are posted here, I will take them down.

This is probably the most important election of my lifetime, and of yours. I feel I must do everything I can to help assure that Senator McCain is elected. Do not be discouraged because of the polls. Rally. Get out the vote. Study. Think. Read. Inform us of anything pertinent you discover. Let us hear from you. Let us all pull together on this.

First comment from Jean:

Not everyone knows this yet but it is an established and proven fact that any sincere Muslim will tell you that an “Infidel” in the Koran is ANYONE who does not embrace the Muslim religion and that Muslim’s are therefore justified, whether through deceit or any other method, to kill that person or force them to embrace Islam. According to the Muslim religion, they will actually be rewarded for doing this. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, please read the attached quotes. I have no party loyalty but I do have a loyalty to America and I care about not only my own life but the lives of my extended family and friends and the generations to come. Believe me–if you ever believed anything–anyone who says in ANY situation that they would “side with the Muslims” either is ignorant about the true teachings of Islam–in which case they are a terrible threat to America, OR they know what Islam stands for and is counting on the fact that most Americans only believe about Islam what they have seen on the Oprah show or some other source that doesn’t reveal that for a Muslim the ultimate plan for any non-Muslim is to convert them or kill them. I care and this is the truth.

Why is all of this going unnoticed by the media???? They send 1000 reporters to Alaska to dig up something on Sarah palin and they have this right in front of their eyes!


From Dreams From My Father: ‘I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.’

From Dreams From My Father : ‘I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.’

From Dreams From My Father: ‘There was something about him that made me wary, a little too sure of himself, maybe. And white.’

From Dreams From My Father: ‘It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.’

From Dreams From My Father: ‘I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa , that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself , the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.’

And FINALLY the Most Damning one of ALL of them!!!

From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

We CANNOT have someone with this type of mentality running our GREAT nation!! I don’t care whether you a Democrat or a Conservative. We CANNOT turn ourselves over to this type of character in a President. PLEASE help spread the word.

Amazing, a democrat set (said) this .

Thank you Jean for taking the time, and having the courage to post this information. I have read it before, and each time I do, I am sickened. Yes, WAKE UP, America.

Jean, please find the documentation for this statement of yours and post it as a comment:

“… it is an established and proven fact that any sincere Muslim will tell you that an “Infidel” in the Koran is ANYONE who does not embrace the Muslim religion and that Muslim’s are therefore justified, whether through deceit or any other method, to kill that person or force them to embrace Islam.”


REASON to vote against Barack Obama: He wants to take money from some and redistribute it as he sees fit. No. That is not the American way. That is the road a socialist nation. Take a look and a listen to “Joe, the Plumber,” the star of the final debate–mentioned 15 times.

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Wal-Mart Apologizes for Anti-Muslim Remark

In very little do I agree with the Muslim religion, and with much do I vehemently take issue. However, I fully defend the right of all persons to choose and practice his/her religious beliefs. It is astonishing that a Wal-Mart clerk would make derogatory remarks to a veiled Muslim who came through her check-out line. I applaud Wal-Mart for their public apology.

“Please, don’t stick me up,” a cashier told the shopper on Feb. 2, according to The Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Wal-Mart apologized Monday in a letter signed by Rolando Rodriquez, a vice president and regional general manager. It was released Tuesday by the council’s Nevada chapter.

“I can assure you that the associate in question was disciplined in accordance with our employment policies as a result of the situation,” Rodriguez said without disclosing details.

Rodriguez said employees at the Riverdale store would undergo “sensitivity training,” specifically in the Islamic faith and Muslim culture.

At Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., spokesman Phillip Keene confirmed the letter and declined further comment.

“We applaud Wal-Mart for taking appropriate action to resolve this incident,” said Yasser Moten, executive director of the council’s Nevada chapter. The group doesn’t have an office in Utah.

In private, in one’s home, and in classroom and forum settings it is appropriate to discuss the pros and cons of different religions and of other belief systems. In public, though, to point out dissimilarities, and to cast aspersions on others is highly offensive and rude.


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Empire State Building Is Lighted Muslim Green

Today, the Empire State Building is lighted green!


Tell me why I should not be outraged! The very group–Muslims— who blazed these buildings into oblivion a mere 6 years ago, taking 3000 human souls with them, are being honored this weekend.

Where? In our foremost metropolis–New York City, itself.

Where? Take a look. Gaze into that place there…there…that hole, that void, the spot where before rose the stately Twin Towers. That’s where. And tonight, a stone’s throw away, our American Empire State Building has gone green in honor of Ramadan. from Jon Zucker

When I first read this story, I perceived my brain as having a lapse, thinking such a tale could in no way be true. I blinked, took a breath, and sadly knew it was so.
Think about it. During the Second World War, would there have been any city–name one if you can–who would have remotely considered the raising of Swastika riddled flag in any United States parade–in observation of any holiday–at any time? No, of course not. The thought is preposterous.

Six years ago we watched in agonized horror as those blazing buildings melted and imploded. Indelibly etched in a dark corner of our brains are images of human bodies as, to escape the licking flames, they hurled themselves hundreds of feet to their ghastly deaths. We’ve heard the screams of trapped men as they made final 911 calls. Think about it. On that dreadful day as we watched and listened, could we possibly have thought that today, six years later, we would light the Empire State Building so as to honor Ramadan? It’s unthinkable.

Who are we America? Are we now a nation of cowards? Is there no one who can stop this nonsense?

Do I hear something? Could that be a faint clanking of bonds? The light sound of chains as they slip gently but surely around our complacent, weak necks?


My devotional blog is here.