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Ousted for a Mohawk

How far should a school go in dictating the appearance of its students? Is it fair that this little boy was dismissed because of his Mohawk haircut? Is it reasonable to think, as the school has suggested, that such appearance is distracting in the classroom?

While I think the haircut is unattractive, I suspect it is would not be a great distraction given the age of the students. Probably if little attention were paid to the young man, in a few days, no one in his kindergarten class would even notice. Having said that, though, I believe the parents should have respected the decision of the school authorities, should have explained it to the youngster, and have waited until the summer break to let him sport such a style. (Personally, I suspect I would not have cut my little boys’ hair in such a way.)

How about you? What do you think? All the story is here.


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