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55 and Counting!

Summer road trip. Day 26 Monday June 27, 2011

55. Jerry and I spent our 55th wedding anniversary in Globe, AZ. Jerry and Brother Dean, along with Brother Dean’s son played 18 holes of golf beginning early in the morning. I had to take care of some printing and mailing, then poked around this nifty mining town where there are lots of historic buildings.

Suddenly, as I prowled about with my camera, wafting over the warm air, I heard magnificent music. It was 11:00, and coming from this building were clear, splendid peals of church bells. It was beautiful.

Meandering flower shots.

In the evening the Deans joined us for our anniversary dinner. We drove out to Roosevelt Lake, but both the places they had in mind were closed on Monday. No problem, for when we had eaten at the Mexican food place on Saturday, Brother Dean’s steak has looked so delicious, and he had raved about it so much, we gladly went there. Jerry and I shared a 16 oz. rib eye. Fabulous.

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The Deans in Globe

Summer road trip. Day 24 Saturday, June 25, 2011

Having left Safford early, we arrived in Globe before 9:00 on Saturday morning. Actually we’re in an RV park that is 6 miles south of Globe. Apache Gold is its name, and when Jerry went into the office to register, and to be assigned a spot, the gentleman said, “Just pick a site, see that everything works, then come in to register.” We’re on Indian land, although I see no teepees, and I keep looking for squaws with papooses on their backs. Not happening, of course. Just typical Arizona desert/mountainous terrain. This valley is beautiful, surrounded by splendid mountains that thrust far into the distant sky, then lop down and form rolling hills. I am hoping to visit an Indian reservation before we leave Arizona. We have driven across hundreds of miles of reservation territory throughout our travels, but we’ve never really explored one. I want to see their stores, schools, judicial places and such.

We settled into our nice RV spot and Jerry hooked up everything outside. I cleaned windows and mirrors and vacuumed the motor home floors before taking a shower and washing my locks. Around 3:00, Brother and Sister Dean arrived to pick us up for a tour of the historic mining town of Globe. We had known that a few days before, the Deans had gone to California to pick up Sister Dean’s mother who will now be living in a small house behind theirs. What I did not know is that Sister Dean’s mother is Lou Reinert, whom I have known in a cursory way for many years. She received the Holy Ghost in the Bellflower church when Brother White was pastor there, and she is a dear friend of Sister White’s.

So there were five of us who prowled about charming Globe and who ate dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in Miami, a tiny town that joins up with Globe. Afterwards, we had coffee at the Dean’s lovely home, which has the most magnificent view from their front yard.


Later, we slept. Not many yards away from our RV site, the casino was lively, ablaze with lights and with rows of cars in the parking lot. We could neither see nor hear them, but I knew as I drifted off to sleep that inside that wide building were flashing colored lights, and the sound of cha-ching…cha-ching…cha-ching.