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Two Studies That Please Me

Just because I like their results, I’m telling you of a couple of research conclusions. In my flair for honesty, I admit that next week or next month or next decade, another series of experiments may prove these current conclusions wrong. Go figure.

A Daily Cup of Coffee May Halt Alzheimers

By Rebecca Smith

Last Updated: 1:45am BST 03/04/2008

Drinking one cup of coffee a day could protect against Alzheimer’s disease, according to research.

These results please me because: 1. I like coffee 2. I don’t want to come down with Alzheimers.

No benefit in drinking eight glasses of water a day, scientists say

By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor

Last Updated: 2:02am BST 03/04/2008

The idea that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for your health has been dismissed as a myth.

This pleases me because I find it hard to drink eight glasses of water every day, and sometimes people say I should drink more water, and now I can retort, “Not according to
Dr Dan Negoianu and Dr Stanley Goldfarb, of the Renal, Electrolyte and Hypertension Division at the University of Pennsylvania.”

I’m taking a break now. Time for my first cup of coffee, and, watch me, I’m not drinking water. 🙂


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