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Happy Birthday to the Masche Sextuplets

Today is their birthday. Two years ago in Phoenix, six tiny Masche babies were born–all healthy. They live here in Lake Havasu, but I have never seen them. Sure hope I come across them in the grocery store or somewhere. Adorable, aren’t they. Happy birthday babies!



More pictures here.

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Super Mom Births Eight Babies

We don’t know her name yet, but on Monday a mom in Bellflower, CA, within a 5 minute span gave birth to eight babies–six boys and two girls. The babies are healthy and lively, and were kicking and screaming vigorously just after their births.

Doctors Karen Maples, with Harold Henry and Mandhir Gupta take questions about a mother who gave birth to 8 babies in a hospital south of Los Angeles.

“It’s a surprise,” Dr. Karen Maples said. “Eight newborns are in stable condition and they’re doing quite well.”

Kaiser spokeswoman Myra Suarez said she could not release any information about the mother, including her condition or whether she used fertility drugs. Such drugs make multiple births more likely.

“They are all doing the best they can,” Suarez told the AP.

Seems the medical team had planned to deliver seven babies…but surprise…there is one more.

The hospital had scheduled a Caesarean section for seven babies, but doctors were surprised by the eighth.

“My eyes got to be the size of saucers,” Dr. Karen Maples told The Los Angeles Times, explaining her reaction to the last birth. “We just went on and delivered the babies.”

EDIT: This is probably a good time to catch up on the development of the Masche 6 who live here in Lake Havasu. They appeared on the Today Show just before Christmas. Lots of pictures and discussion there.