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Twin Boys Emerge From Nightmare, Find A Magnificence Life

Four years ago, these beautiful little boys were discovered–caged– in a cockroach-infested house in Phoenix, Az. Neither one of them could speak and they were referred to as feral children. Luis and Sylvia Vineagra heard of the children’s plight and compassion rose in their hearts–to such degree that they took the 9-year-old twins and an older brother into their home. Today, these boys have emerged from abysmal, unthinkable torture into a magnificent life.

Luis and Sylvia cried when they learned of the squalid living conditions of the children.

“My wife and I said what they need is a lot of love and nurturing,” Viniegra said. “I said, ‘let’s roll up our sleeves, change diapers, potty train and teach them language.'”

The couple now admits they really had no comprehension of the difficulties they would face, and at times they felt overwhelmed. But they persisted and now the boys are thriving in an exceptional way. One child is winning spelling bees, the oldest is reading at graduate school level, and the youngest is a fantastic artist.

It was a year ago that the Vineagra’s decided to adopt the children, and a couple of weeks past on National Adoption Days the boys’ last name was legally changed from Rodriguez to Viniegra. At the conclusion of the stirring ceremony one of the twins made a fist and with a resounding voice said, “Yes!”

I salute this beautiful family; these exceptional children and the loving, caring mother and father–Luis and Sylvia Vineagra.


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