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Ballet in the Woods

A movement on the rock–rock color, except that it moved, and I saw the scamper of tiny lizard. So small he was, I thought I might have stumbled onto a reptile maternity ward, for surely he must have only just cracked through his tiny egg. I read, too, that lizards may hatch early if a loud rumble or a heavy vibration circles up around the egg, and a sense of danger, the chance of predator, pervades. I hope I had not set up a rumble as I trudged up the small hill into the woods at the end of our street. Surely I did not cause a premature lizard birth this September morning–a morning of perfection, warm, with a faint brush of chill that had seen me to the closet for the first time this season to take out my jacket of lightest weight. I angled down my camera, but he was swift, and escape and hiding were encoded in his ancient reptilian brain, and anyway, he had escaped his crib already, and then he was at the side of the rock, and down, then into the thick grasses . . . and gone. I had not snapped my shutter, of such quickness were his movements.

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The low grasses wave, slender and graceful so that I see they are ballet dancers and the sunlight beams through their stems and fronds and highlights their heavy heads, heads that droop now with seed, precious seed, for therein is eternity. Unmistakable elegance, if one will pause long, and will stare at length; elegance, raw beauty, unmistakably a push against the dismissal of such as mere weeds.

The lizard, gone now, a skitter among the ballet.

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A Day at Home

On Facebook yesterday, as I was “waxing eloquent” concerning the advantage of living here in Crestline, Jocelyn suggested I should post pictures. “Going out in a few minutes with my camera,” I responded to her, and so I did. I didn’t prowl far, only in our own gardens.

Gazing from our front deck, I saw this vision. I cannot tell you how many shots I’ve taken from this point. (Actually the header on this site is such photography.) Between where I’m standing and the far trees is Lake Gregory. Often clouds spill over the ridge, appearing as foamy water being poured from a gigantic bucket. Mist envelopes the stately conifers.

Friendly lizards scamper about our property, and as I descended the steps, camera over my shoulder, this beautiful one, whom I named Liz, stopped to stare at me. Later when I posted her picture on Flickr (where, by the way, I have thousands of viewable pictures), the following conversation arose:

“Liz is gorgeous!! and she looks like she knows it..:) is she yours? how old is she? :))”

“She must be your pet if you are on a first-name basis. A beautifully detailed shot of this critter.”

“Liz couldn’t have chosen a better background!”

I responded: “I must confess to having met Liz only today. Actually I may have met her before–not sure, but I certainly am acquainted with other members of her family. They freely roam around our property here in Crestline. Friendly little things. Liz stared at me, and when she saw I was taking her picture, and naming her, she sat perfectly still for several shots. She’s beautiful. Did you see that her belly is blue?”

And in response to her choosing such a splendid background, I said, “That’s because in addition to being beautiful, Liz is smart.”

I snapped a quick shot of the front of our house where rockroses are now in full bloom.

Bill’s yard adjoins ours. His rockroses have little faces like pansies.

Our yards have suffered since we’re gone so much, but amazingly we still have some spectacular flowers. These are blooming in the back.

Come see me sometime!