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A Surprise Meeting in Lufkin

It was in Lufkin where my nephew Ted Buxton and his wife, Karen, would make a hospital call last Wednesday, and as we entered the city limit, I thought of my friends Linda and Wendell Elms, who during the past several months had moved to Lufkin, Wendell having been elected (or appointed, or something) secretary of the Texas District of the United Pentecostal Church. The district camp ground is there, as are the district offices, so I asked Ted, “Will we go close to the camp ground?”

“We’ll pass right by it, Aunt Shirley. Do you want to stop?” Ted asked, gracious and lovely man that he is.

“Yes, I do. I’ll take only a minute, run in, see if they’re around and say hi.”

I dashed from the car into the beautiful office complex and asked if the Elms were on the premises. “Just went to lunch,” someone told me.

“Do you know where?”

“I believe they are at Logan’s Roadhouse.”

At Logan’s Roadhouse, I again promised not to take too long, leaving three in the car. As I entered the restaurant, I hoped I could find my friends quickly and not be forced to prowl around the place, dsc_0006as I looked for particular faces. I turned left, then right, and there they were, seated at a long table with several other people. The men were situated together, and closest to me as I approached the table.

It was hilarious, for recall, these friends of mine, whom I had not seen in years, had no idea I was anywhere in the area. Wendell Elms stared at me for a minute, then said, “Is that you?”

“It is I,” I replied

Linda’s eyes were wide and she was smiling as she stood and made her way to where I was. It was a delightful surprise, and I had timed it perfectly, for they had just concluded district board meetings, and I had the opportunity to meet ministers and their wives I did not know, and say hello to others of a long-standing friendship.

“Where’s your husband?” Linda asked, and when she knew he was outside in the car, we went outside, they visited a bit there, and then Jerry and Ted went into the restaurant for there were dsc_0004other people at the table they wanted to see. They invited us to join them for lunch, but we had to make the hospital stop first, so after half an hour or so, we left Logan’s Roadhouse.

Linda and Wendell Elms are beautiful people, whom I have known since they were youngsters, well before they were married. They are capable, godly and true Christians. I so enjoyed surprising, and spending a few minutes with them last week. She produces an interesting, well-written blog.

I don’t even know the name of the hospital where we went then, but it was unique to me in that it has a grand piano in the lobby, and, as I waited while Ted and Karen visited their friend, dsc_00111a lady played mellow, simple songs. Seems a wonderful idea to have relaxing, beautiful music in such a place as a hospital.