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Pregnant “Man,” A Freak for Father’s Day

Edit: July 4, 2008 The “woman” who claims to be a man has given birth to a little girl. A sad day for the world.

You may have seen the disgusting picture. Claiming the shady honor of being the first man in the world to give birth to a baby, his/her revolting image has torn around the world. I was aghast when I saw it–a grinning bearded face which he/she was in the process of shaving as he/she rested his/her arm on a naked bulging belly. To Jerry, who sat a few feet away, I spoke, telling him of the pregnant man.

“The what?” he roared.

I related the tale. He snapped. “That is NOT a man.”

Jerry’s right, of course. Thomas Beatie is not a man. This is a freak show.

This person was born a girl–a physically beautiful girl it seems–who won beauty pageants, but who somewhere along the way sucked up some testosterone, had her breasts surgically removed, and then took Nancy as a lesbian partner. Conveniently, she kept her internal female organs, into which she artificially inseminated herself, utilizing donor vials from a cryogenic sperm bank, and from which, in early July, will be born a baby girl.

On a news site, I saw an image of Oprah as she caressed the pitiful rounded bulge. I then glanced at a screengrab from Oprah’s website which shows the ultrasound of this unfortunate child. I understand Oprah to have asked, “Are we ready for this?” and then to have lectured on the couple’s bravery and to have sighed, “Love makes a family.”

No, we’re not ready for this, I shout. This is a disgrace, and I for one speak strongly against such repugnant antics. This is not about love; it’s about the promotion of homosexuality by two lesbians. It’s about publicity, it’s about sinning against God’s Word, it’s about ignoring the fact that this little girl will have no father in her home. This is about further confusing gender roles in our world, and adding to the sexual perversion and confusion that already glares with evil eye among us.

Parents who truly love a child would not subject her to the constant scrutiny of an aghast peering public, as though she belonged in a circus. Her fluttering banner of “First Child Born to a Man” is not likely to be easily worn.

In the Advocate, Thomas Beatie blathers on about parental rights and her joy of having this baby. She appeals for acceptance. “Our situation ultimately will ask everyone to embrace the gamut of human possibility and to define for themselves what is normal.”

This is not normal, I tell you. Despite a far-left media, ridiculous rulings from our court system, and the widespread pleas for tolerance that would inculcate such definition for family into our vocabulary and into our souls, this is not normal.

She is not a father. She is a bearded pregnant woman…and that is not normal.


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