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Bumble Pie

There it was: The confession and the acknowledgment of blame.

The backstory is this: On Saturday, we were having our first Christian Intervention BBQ, and being the wife of the pastor and the mother of the instructor, I of course wanted to make a good impression as to my cooking ability. Decided to whip up a beautiful pie–homemade crust–the works…When disaster occurred, and I dealt heroically with it, I typed up that little note, tucked it in with my picnic things, and beside the pitiful pie on the park table was the story of Bumble Pie production.

No matter the humiliation, for now I’m famous. In the Sunday morning service as the glowing report of the CIP picnic was told, mentioned with high honors was Bumble Pie. People snickered and grinned at me. I grinned back, for what else can one do when suddenly placed in the limelight. Bumble Pie and I are now well known. Kind of like “Joe the Plumber.” 🙂