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Broken Easter Shoes

Broken Easter Shoes, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

I was late for yesterday’s Easter morning church service.

I bought these shoes last year, and I thought they looked cute enough with the clothes I selected to wear to service yesterday. They’re not terribly expensive shoes, although I don’t recall exactly what I paid for them. The upper part is of Italian leather, and it beats me what the rest of the stuff is. The label calls it man made material Well, some man messed up.

A half hour or so before the service was scheduled to begin, I walked into the church, and as I did, I had a strange feeling somewhere around my right foot. I stopped, tipped down my head to get a good look at the place where something peculiar seemed to be happening, and saw that my shoe had broken sharply in half.

What to do? Mike giggled as we both looked at the shoe. There was no way to repair the thing.

“Guess I can walk around barefoot.”

Mike was grinning. “Well…Mom.”

The problem was I had to go to a hotel yet and pick up my brother who was visiting and if I took the time to go back to the motor home for another pair of shoes I would be late for church.

Guess I could walk around barefoot, I thought again. You know our church is little and a bit on the casual side seeing this is Lake Havasu and it’s starting to get quite warm, and sometimes people even come in shorts…I was thinking all this, but then I had a little vision of exactly how it would look for the pastor’s wife to be traipsing around barefoot on Easter Sunday morning.

“I’m going home for shoes. Probably be late,” I told Mike and Jerry.

I was late. Several people grinned as I came in, I did a bit of greeting here and there and walked across the floor to the keyboard.

Easter morning service could begin. I was there. 🙂


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