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God Bless Lakshmi and Her Remarkable Surgeons

Lakshmi Tatma's family and neighbors believed that with eight limbs, the baby was the embodiment of a goddess.

Her mother sobbed uncontrollably as Lakshmi Tatma lay on the gurney, ready to be pushed into the surgical chambers where she would be forever changed. She would emerge either freed from the parasitic twin to which she had been attached since birth, or–her mother hated to think of it, but the doctors had warned them–she might not survive the extensive dangerous surgery.

It’s been eight months now since the grueling 27 hour operation. Lakshmi is as beautiful and tough as ever, mobile now, and smiling broadly as she twirls in a wheeled plastic disc. The surgery was a remarkable success.

Now CNN has released an extensive article with interviews by the doctors which I believe you will find as captivating as I did when I viewed and read them. A full documentary is here.

God bless this beautiful family and her wonderful doctors.

Picture from Sparsh Hospital