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Kreativ Blogger and Ten Things I Love

kreative_blogger1I feel so honored that Renaissance Guy knighted me as a Kreativ Blogger.

I was supposed to list 7 things I love, but I got mixed up and listed 10, and since I went through all that thinking I’m leaving up the 10.


1. Music (a) the sound of a Hammond organ (2) large, excellent church choir (3) live performance of an orchestra

2. A Pentecostal worship service with an anointed preacher. (Nothing better!)

3. God and His Word

4. Having all my family at our home in Crestline

5. Shopping at thrift stores

6. Taking pictures with my digital camera and analyzing them.

7. Editing my serious writing; searching for the precise word in a sentence, the flawless construction of sentence and paragraph, vivid imagery.

8. Meandering about in a distinctive downtown area, with my camera, and with money to buy coffee and a sandwich at a street cafe.

9. Travel, both in and out of this country. Love flying. Love cruising.

10. Jerry

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