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Jerry and the Blackberry (Not Jam) Swap: Pearl for a Curve

Remember how when  Jerry lost his phone a few weeks ago, and having admired Michael’s Blackberry, went for ordering one of his own, choosing the Pearl model. He dinked around with  the little silver unit, bought a holder to strap onto his belt. and finally got it to ring in a satisfactory way. Then he decided the keyboard was too small for his fingers. On the phone with the Verizon/Blackberry people a few days ago, he ordered a different model, managing to get it with no additional charges. (Had something to do with my phone account since I was due for an upgrade.) He chose the Curve model which arrived yesterday, after which he spent many hours following directions that appeared on his computer screen when he installed the disc that came with his new phone.

So, Jerry will be out and about today with the Blackberry Curve ensconced in the cute black holder he straps onto his belt. If you’re lucky, he might call you, or send an email your way.