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Unbelievable Steak Knife Caper

Expected is that the majority of people who read my writings easily discern my right-wing leanings, my belief in moral absolutes, my high regard for life from its inception, my conviction of Biblical inerrancy, and my idea that we should obey the laws of the land. Frequently, I also meddle in the arena of common sense.

Yesterday I heard of an incident that is grossly lacking in said trait:

OCALA, Fla. — A 10-year old Ocala girl brought her lunch to school and a small kitchen knife to cut it. She now faces a felony charge after being arrested. The school and the sheriff’s office disagree on the reason for the arrest.

School officials say the 5th grader was brown-bagging it. She brought a piece of steak for her lunch, but she also brought a steak knife. That’s when deputies were called.

It happened in the cafeteria at Sunrise Elementary School. The 10-year-old used the knife to cut the meat.”She did not use it inappropriately. She did not threaten anyone with it. She didn’t pull it out and brandish it. Nothing of that nature,” explained Marion County School Spokesman Kevin Christian.But a couple of teachers took the utensil and called the sheriff. When deputies arrived, they were unable to get the child’s parents on the phone, so they arrested her and took her to the county’s juvenile assessment center.

This is nuts.


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