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Why I’m Glad I Believe in God

Given its title, I suspect the thrust of this post could be misconstrued, and readers might conclude this to be an apologetic for belief in a Supreme Being. That would be a timely and worthy subject, but is not the one for this piece today. Lengthy shelves that stretch into expansive rooms have long been filled with volumes so written, coupled with writings of repudiation in equal number.

My piece today—my 1000th post here—may be rightly considered a corollary to that subject, but is conclusive and not open to valid rejection for it is an essay that goes to the feelings of my heart and of my soul. Though I am not a student of psychology, it seems logical to conclude that there could be no debate of the accuracy of this piece, for my discussion is not centered on the logic of my feelings, but merely is a reporting of them. Of course, one may conclude my feelings to be misplaced, and argue that my mind (or my heart) has led me to illogical conclusions, but none should be able to make the case that my feelings are not mine.

With joyous beat, I have passed the scalding intersection of the great question– Is there a God?  I’m not here to proof text but to tell you why I’m glad I believe in God and in His word. Multiplied reasons occupy my brain, my heart, and my soul: I’ve selected a few for this discussion.

·        It is logical to believe in God.

I prefer to hold opinions that stand up to reason. While I respect the intellect of many atheists, none can explain beginning, so no matter which brand of the evolutionary theory we’re hearing, the hard bump of beginning is always there. I don’t understand beginning either, and my finite mind cannot wrap around eternity which has no beginning and no ending. I can’t grasp that. That’s why logic screams: It’s God, the supernatural Creator, the One who extends beyond explanation or understanding, and who takes my hand when I’m walking these labyrinths, and who says, “Believe, believe in Me, for I am supernatural; I have no beginning and no ending.” My belief is logical.

·        Believing gives me hope of Heaven.

It matters not whether I am right, for I am discussing the benefits and joy of the belief. God’s word promises me a better life than this; one where there is no pain, no sorrow, confusion, sickness, or casting about in despair. No death. This belief in a future Heaven gives me comfort in this, my present.

·        Belief in God connects me with people who live exceptional moral lives.

My life is centered on God and His people. Because of the nature of my life’s work, my years have set me in close relationships with people of superior moral values.

I’m not at all an elitist, though, and through Jerry’s ministry and my own contributions to the church, we have cheerfully worked with many classes of people—from those who are homeless, to the very wealthy—from those who admit to being deep in sin, to others who, like me, are striving to be righteous. But my overarching, deep relationships are those with persons of high moral values.

·        The Bible is the best-selling book in the world.

It’s gratifying that millions of other people agree with me about the value in God’s immutable word.

·        It is intriguing to see Biblical prophesies fulfilled in the daily newspaper.


·        Believing the Bible causes me to adhere to the plan of salvation for this dispensation.

I’m glad I know to repent, to be baptized in Jesus’ name and to be filled with the Holy Ghost. If I did not believe in God and His holy word, I would not possess this amazing gift.

·        I can howl into the night with pain and believe I am being heard.

It would be ghastly to think my screams go unnoted, and that they merely  ricochet through eons of hopeless emptiness.

·        Although God is righteous, I’m glad I understand Him to be patient.

To Judas, “Here, dip with me.”

·        Believing in God reveals that I am more than a body.

My housing is dissolving, growing old, breaking apart. I’m glad I understand that I am an ever-living, never dying soul.

·        It brings me untold joy to believe the stories in the Bible are true.

I’m glad Daniel really slept with lions, Noah actually built that monstrous boat, and that all those animals marched in. I’m glad I believe Jesus made a mud-ball and stuck it in the socket of a blind man, who could then see!…and that He raised up dead people, and took a picnic lunch from that little boy and then fed thousands of people.

It makes me happy to believe Peter got out of his boat and walked on water and Jonah got swallowed up by a fish, and then, incredibly, grew angry at the people to whom he took the message of repentance.

I’m glad I believe those stories to be true and that I’ve whispered them in the ears of my babies, and have told my sons, “Be brave as those Hebrews who were pitched into flames,” and to my daughter, “Be as Esther, Rebecca. Say with her as you do the will of God, ‘If I perish, I perish.’”

I’m finding this much too long for one post. Will write part 2 for tomorrow


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