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Promise of a Cure for Alzheimers

Old woman

In previous columns I have written about my sister-in-law’s caring for her husband with Alzheimers, and of others’ experiences with the dreaded condition here and here.

From what I have observed and read, from the pathetic stories I have been told, from the deep hurt so easily seen in the eyes of my friends and family who relate their sorrowful experiences, I have come to believe the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s to be one of the most ghastly known to man. It literally takes away a person…yet the person continues to breathe…truly a living frightful death.

Announced yesterday from the publishers Biomed Central in the Journal of Neuroinflamation is a study in which the symptoms of Alzheimer’s seems to be quickly reversed. Admittedly, the study is quite small, but it extends hope to the millions around the world who suffer from this devastating malady, and to their families who helplessly watch their loved ones deteriorate into hopeless confusion.

A drug used for arthritis can reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s “in minutes”.

It appears to tackle one of the main features of the disease – inflammation in the brain.

The drug, called Enbrel, is injected into the spine where it blocks a chemical responsible for damaging the brain and other organs.

A pilot study carried out by U.S. researchers found one patient had his symptoms reversed “in minutes”.

Other patients have shown some improvements in symptoms such as forgetfulness and confusion after weekly injections over six months.

The study of 15 patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s has just been published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation by online publishers Biomed Central.

The entire article is here.

I pray these results are not a fluke, but that in years to come, the word Alzheimers will be as the word polio is today–merely an ugly memory from the crumbling pages of history.


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