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Friends and Food

Scripture is chockablock with talk of food, not infrequently connected with Jesus Himself: The bread multiplying in His hands with tasty fish wriggling right along in growth, wine at the wedding, and dipping into the sop with Judas. Recall, too, that once after Peter and his friends had been fishing all night, from a distance Jesus hailed them, inviting them to come to shore. There, smoking away on a grill,  were fish and bread. That morning those disciples ate breakfast with Jesus!

There’s something satisfying about sharing meals with friends; it’s comforting, and peaceful. We slow down, we listen, we hear, we enjoy.

Yesterday we were blessed to have the Aune family visit in our home for a few hours, and eat an afternoon meal with us. Ezra and Yvonne live in the San Diego area with their three boys; Joshua, who is a handsome quiet 10 year-old, Josiah and Judah, who are handsome, exuberant 5-year-old twins–identical twins. (I haven’t been around them enough to be able to tell them apart.) Although I have known Yvonne since she was a teenager, and have been around her and Ezra a bit since they were married, I have never had the chance to just sit and visit with this family as we did yesterday. It was such a pleasure and I value their friendship even more today than I did before. I admire their obvious love for God and for His work. They are planting a church in Bonita (a San Diego suburb); a hard job, one not for the faint of heart, nor one of a lazy temperament. Rather, the establishing of a church calls for courage, dedication and grit!

This is a brilliant couple. Recently, while working full time, pastoring the church, and fulfilling all the duties of a husband and father, Ezra earned his Master’s degree. In our after-dinner conversation, I was impressed by his discussion of the Bible, his insight into difficult subjects, and his passion for the Work of God. I’m always personally encouraged as I consider my advancing years to know there are such exceptional young people coming behind me, people with vision, talent, and integrity.


Josiah or Judah 🙂

Josiah or Judah 🙂

An extra benefit of having the Aune family in our home yesterday were the art pieces that were presented to me. This one and a couple more are residing on my refrigerator door at this moment.

Let me encourage you to have meals with your friends–preferably in your home. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a plate of tacos, a bowl of stew or a round of spaghetti will do. Paper plates will work. Or you may choose to prepare a gourmet meal, polish your silver, and set the table with your finest. All that matters little. What really counts is that you call up a friend or two, and about your table and in your living room have a real and meaningful conversation, look deeply into their eyes and come to know them better. You will be rich…as am I.