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The Backside of Euphoria

“She’s very scared and I think she’s holding on for her father.”

Those are the words of the mother of Jayci Yaeger. Jayci is ten years old, and she is dying with cancer.

“I want my dad to hold me,” Jayci says.

But no, it won’t happen, for her father, Jason, is in prison, serving time for a federal drug conviction. Appeals for a 30 day release have been denied.

A video of Jayci is here.

Peoples of the world–mothers, fathers, young people–please hear me today. Your drugs are killing you, they’re destroying us, our society is imploding. For you see, there is an ugly, dirty reality on the backside of your euphoria, a nasty, heart-wrenching place.

Ask Jayci.

EDIT: Thursday March 27 Jayci’s dad has been allowed to see her. Read it here. 


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