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America’s Need–Compassion

I hadn’t read much of her material lately, but this morning when I went to the blog of my friend Jana McVay, I was jolted by one of her columns. I strongly encourage you to read this powerful, moving account.

Individually, we have so much…while around us, often unrecognized, or sadly, even unheeded, is such abject need. Perhaps too often, we link compassion with distant lands, or big city ghettos or government projects, or church missionary endeavors, or Salvation Army kettles. Individually, we need to be filled with compassion–compassion that will set groceries on the porch of an elderly neighbor (even when it is not a holiday) or press dollars into the hands of a young mother, or pay the utility bills of a challenged friend or of a stranger. Some of us could support a struggling home missionary for a year–not through a bona-fide Home Missions department, but straight from a heart of compassion for that man…and for the lost of his city. Individually we may speak comfort to someone in an emergency waiting room, or pay the charge for someone’s prescription refill, or walk a crying baby through a torturous dark night of a single mom. Some of us, as was Jana McVay, will be startled by the raw need of one person with whom we have contact. Some, as was Jana, will be moved by compassion. Some, as did Jana, will act on those compassionate feelings.

America’s need is compassion.


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