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Kickin’! Not kickin’ back, KICKING.

Kicking against inertia and laziness; against ease of being;  against ease of doing; against mediocrity and the uninspired. Such kicking involves not only my less than skinny legs (or, come now, would it not be more than skinny?) anyway, this kicking business with which I’m lately involved takes place little in the knee and shin areas, rather, well above the shoulder vicinity. I’ve loaded a new piece of software onto my computer, and am up to my skull bone in the learning curve that comes with the box and the enclosed thin circular disc, although none of the sales pitch goes within speaking distance of telling the degree of learning curve.  Lightroom is the name of that to which I have directed my thinking prowess over the past couple of days, and whose intricacies of discovery and execution are quite guaranteed to process the images from my D7000 into splendid works of art.

It’s a good thing to kick. A couple of days ago I spoke with someone who has extensive physical challenges, remarking that when she felt better, we would do such and such.

No, I don’t want to wait,” she responded.”I’ve got to push myself.”

Yep, kicking is good, sharpens us, gets us out of funks, helps us ignore our twinges and gnawings, and along with the thrust of the kick, we just might learn a thing or two, and that’s generally considered a fine thing.

While I consider myself quite patient with people, I know I am quite impatient with things, and if they’re not working right, it irritates me. I’m not good at replacing vacuum cleaner bags, thread tangles when I sew buttons on, and I’ve never hemmed a pair of trousers yet in which both legs came out even. So, imagine me with a computer. Now, I love computers, am amazed at them, and can’t imagine life without one. But I don’t want to dink around with them when they’re not working right. I just want to sit down in my place, open up my laptop, and have everything working perfectly.

. . . which leads me to installation and understanding of Lightroom 3. My version was 3.2 and in browsing in Lightroom forums, I read of several people who had upgraded to 3.6 and were screaming with frustration. “I’m tempted to unload this version and go back to version 3,” one of them yelped. “Has slowed my computer down so that I can hardly use it.”

Right there, I decided version 3.2 was fine for me and I would not be upgrading . . .yet when I installed mine, a message came up to say that 3.6 was now available. Not for me, I muttered to myself. . . until I loaded my first pictures on . . . and a little memo sweetly informed me that my camera’s raw images required the 3.6 version. I gulped, asked for the update, watched it load, and voila! it works perfectly. The program is much more complicated than the simple iphoto program I have been using, but also has greater capabilities for processing images. I’ve finished a few photographs on my new program, and have brought a couple over for you to see.

So yes! It’s good to kick, to expand, to stretch, to challenge ourselves. On the other hand, Jerry and I were talking this morning and agreed there do come times when we must admit something is beyond us. Whether because of advancing age, physical conditions, or even our mental capacity, there is a time to say, I just can’t do that. But, that’s another subject for another day.

This treatment is from Delicious Free Presets. Cool, huh.

Jerry and I were walking around the lake on Tuesday when we met a gentleman with this magnificent animal.

It has been unseasonably warm here so that yesterday and today Jerry worked extensively in the yard. Yesterday, from our side garden, he brought in this beautiful rose. The picture is posted on my Flickr account, and if you go over there and view it large, you may see the light sparkles in the tiny raindrops.

Keep kickin!

EDIT 1/10/12  Wouldn’t you know it! LightRoom just announced today its releasing of Beta LightRoom 4.0