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From Deep Grief to Extravagant Joy

You may remember the story from about a year ago of the Coble family, where, on the I5 freeway, the three children pictured here were killed. The van their mother was driving was struck by a semi-truck, reportedly traveling at an excessive speed.

TRAGIC LOSS: Emma, 4, Katie , 2, and Kyle , 5, were killed in a auto accident with a big-rig on the south-bound lanes of the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway in Mission Veijo.


The parents became involved in restructuring of laws concerning traffic of trucks on America’s highways.

Time has passed–almost a year now. Mom and Dad coped with their loss.

And now, as of Wednesday night–almost a year to the date of the tragic loss of their children–God has blessed this strong couple, and she has given birth to triplets. Take a look at the happiness recorded in this link.
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