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The Brilliant Face of October

October is one of my favorite months, bursting with harvest, with fulfillment, and with anticipation. It’s a time of settling; vacations are done, youngsters are squirming in their school places, misty plans for Thanksgiving are in the air, and a sliver of Christmas may be seen by those with clever sight.

The heated glare of summer has given to rare light, for the sun has shifted. The air has tempered, making smooth and calm.

Maintenance and repair are urgent, for within the cooling and pleasant air is the ominous warning of rain and freeze and challenge.

Not quite gone is summer and its bounty, so that the rust and gold of autumn are at one with the lush of green that lingers. Leftovers from July.

But it is October, the tenth month of the year. Perhaps feeling the pressure of the waning heat and of the fading light, the plants show off, decking themselves in brilliant color with stunning profusion of leaves and acorns and rare bounty. The sky is clear and blue. The leaves shine. Winter berries form.