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God, Believers, Unbelievers and Arizona Skies

Good-bye July 2010, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

To one who reads widely, and who ventures beyond the thought and commentary of those with whom that person closely relates, and who chances the amble on the far side of those whose philosophical and spiritual leanings are the much the same as his, will inevitably bump up against strident controversy. As have I. As have I, recently.

A writer I read rather regularly wrote a piece in which he
posited the concept that sometimes a person who calls himself a
Christian, in reality cannot be so called, because of that person’s lack of accepting the basic tenets of Christianity. I agreed, and engaged in the conversation, and in so doing found the following statement from one of his visitors who was objecting to his thoughts: “Frankly, I think Jesus is secretly a Radical Agnostic who has not spoken with his dad for quite a few years.”

I made the observation, by which I yet stand, that a person who would make such a statement is just unable to understand those certain writings of that particular blogger. I got lots of flack for saying that, many scriptures presented to me, the latest of which involved the appellation of the term hypocrite.

I’m thankful I’m a believer in God. I’m grateful for my parents who taught me His ways. It is precious to me that His Word is my base, my foundation, and my comfort. I’m glad I have this knowledge without considering myself better than anyone else in the world. I’m grateful. I’m thankful I know I don’t have all the answers, yet have had the greatest resource in the world placed in my reach. I’m glad I have faith, glad I’m not an agnostic, nor an atheist. I’m glad I have pity for those who don’t have faith in God, glad I’m not trying to be their judge, glad that in my very soul, I feel compassion for them. Glad that when scripture is presented to me, I have the capacity to honestly read it and try to the best of my ability to understand it, and to apply it to my life.

Gentle cooling winds came with a slight decrease in temperature here in Lake Havasu on Saturday, and in the early evening Jerry and I drove to the church to open up all the doors in order to let that welcome breeze cool the sanctuary. Before we left we turned on the coolers to run through the night so that on Sunday morning the church would be comfortable as the worshippers entered His place.

The sky was indescribably splendid. Every direction, 380, any way we looked, held such beauty as to leave one speechless. I am in awe to this moment when I see these pictures. God did that. With His Word, He spoke this majestic world into existence. With a thought, He created it all, with a wave of His hand, declared it to be. I’m glad I believe that. Glad I understand how illogical it is to consider that these exceptional Arizona skies just happened. Glad I’m a Christian, one who follows Jesus, one who accepts His precepts…and treasures His love for me…and for you, whether we believe it or not.

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