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Bodacious Potato

Green Leaf, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

“What? …look at that.”

I had been in Crestline for almost two weeks, and, when back in Lake Havasu, I walked into the motor home, there lounging all over the printer was this luxurious green plant.

Remember it? Started out this way. 5th of May.

By the 10th of May, it looked like this.
…and its rooted underside was so.
And when I walked into the motorhome last Friday, I saw this veritable jungle. It is so big and has such a spread, that afraid it would completely take over the empty space in our motor home, we chose to move it outside on a table under our awning.
Jerry told me where in the shed was his tape measure, and helped me measure this beauty. It extends more than 66 inches; a spectacular specimen.
Isn’t that amazing? Is not life wonderful. In these my now advancing years, I’ve yet to lose the wonder. I remain in awe as I think of the simple ebb and flow of our world. Seedlings and marshbanks, tubers and moonlight. Sudden rain and languid summer days. What a world. What a life. Glad I’m here! Glad you’re here!
Glad my cupboard sweet potato is thrust through with such life that pushing aside every impediment, every encumbrance, every disability, every excuse, he has grown into a village green. Never can tell; if I look out there tonight, I may see miniature elephants and tigers roaming about, grazing under that lush green canopy. 🙂 Let you know if I see anything.
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