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Did Press Bias Affect the Democratic Primary?

Up for several days now over at Significant Pursuit is an interesting post and discussion in which Renaissance Guy asks these questions:

WIth Hillary Clinton about to bow out of the presidential race, I wonder. . .

Does it really mean that sexists have sided with Obama to defeat a woman?

Does it really mean that Americans hate women?

Does it mean that race trumps gender in identity politics?

I’d like to raise the issue of press coverage affecting the outcome of the Democratic Primary race. Often I’ve heard the thought voiced that the press demonstrated a definite bias toward Barack Obama during the campaign. I’m interested to hear your opinion about this.

It’s engaging to note that at times the backers of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believed the press to be biased against them.

From the Kansas City Star

Backers of Sen. Barack Obama believe that when things are going well, press coverage has been fair. When things go off the rails (see Rev. Jeremiah Wright and “cling to guns or religion”), the press has been biased.

The same is true over in Hillaryland.

When Sen. Clinton is up, supporters believe that press coverage has been straight down the middle. When she’s stumbling, they think she’s getting beat up.

That’s the conclusion of a new survey by the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania.

…and your conclusion is?


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Senator Clinton Endorses Senator McCain?

I will vote for neither Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. Of that I am clear.

I am unclear what Senator Clinton implies here. If Senator Obama is the Democrat candidate, will she instead vote for Senator McCain? It would follow that she will, for, implicitly she says here (four times) that Senator McCain is much more highly qualified than is Senator Obama.



My devotional blog is here.