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Spam and Pulled Pork in Safford

Summer road trip. Day 17 Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just past 7:30 am, we pulled away from the church in Sierra Vista, and before 10:00 we were on the church property in Safford, some 90 miles away. Parking the motor home was a little bit tricky for Jerry, but he is quite good at maneuvering the 40 feet long rig, and soon had it set up.

Brother Keyes had come by, and then called to say they wanted to go out to dinner around 6:00 or 7:00. We went to this neat little Hawaiian grill, where I had delicious pulled pork. I had left my camera in the car, but went to get it when I saw Spam on the menu! Tickled me. Is it common to serve Spam in restaurants in Hawaii? Is it true it is the meat of choice there?

Another neat thing about Safford, AZ.: We have internet connection in our motor home! Fast, too.

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