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Is the Beauty of Sarah Palin a Hindrance to Presidential Consideration?

It has occurred to me to consider whether or not the beauty and extraordinary attractiveness of Sarah Palin has any negative influence on the perception of her ability to be president of the United States. Apparently it was not a hindrance in her being elected governor of Alaska–or then perhaps it was was–and her other attributes led to the overcoming of that bias, and thus to her election. I don’t know. But now that she has been a vice-presidential candidate, and that there is wide-spread talk of her being a candidate for the presidency in 2012, I’m wondering if her beauty could be a hindrance to her being seriously considered as a presidential candidate.

Are some people of such mind-set as to believe (consciously or even unconsciously) that a woman cannot at the same time be intelligent, logical, well-informed and, yes, beautiful? I’d like to hear your thoughts about this. If you are of the mind-set that a beautiful woman is somehow perceived less desirable as a national leader because of her appearance, consider whether or not the same judgment applies to attractive men. Think of Ronald Reagan: Was he at all viewed less promising as a leader because of his handsomeness? Or was ever such a thought entertained?

I don’t want to talk about any other attributes of Sarah Palin–either positive or negative. Merely her natural beauty is what I am speaking of here.

Think about it and let me know your opinion. I’m eager to hear from you.