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Gulfcoast Ladies Retreat–Part 2

Southwest in clouds, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

After a rather bumpy, three-hour flight from Houston, a short time ago Jerry and I landed in Phoenix and are waiting for a few minutes to pass which will bring us to the last leg of this great trip. At 11:15 we board another plane for a short hop to Las Vegas, where we will pick up our car and drive the 2 and 1/2 hours to Lake Havasu.

Success! Our book suitcase is empty…well, it’s empty of books…well, it’s empty of my books…but loaded with gifts, including other books. I’ll write more of those later, for I want to show you pictures of one particular item. Our books sales were tremendous at the conference–we sold all we took, and I have orders from ten other people, whose books I will try to ship tomorrow.

The highlight of this conference for me was meeting this delightful couple, Pastor and Mrs. Tom Jackson. She hosted the ladies conference that was sponsored by their church, and Jerry and I stayed in their home. Jerry mentioned as he spoke at the service last night that he feels cheated. Why? Because for all these years, we have not known these exceptional people. Our few days with them was perfect in every way, and I truly believe we have begun a friendship that will last and be a close one for the rest of our lives. Isn’t that the neatest thing…that throughout our lifetimes, at different stages of our lives, we can develop new and enduring relationships. Such is the case, I believe, with Tom and Ann Jackson and Jerry and Shirley Buxton.

Their church seats nearly 500 people and this beautiful stained glass window forms the rear wall of the platform area.


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